Policy Guide

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Bethlehem Babe Ruth, Inc.

Policy Guide for the 2013 Season 2/28/13



I. Policy Guide Constituting Local Rules

The rules set forth in this POLICY GUIDE shall, in conjunction with the 2012 Official Regulations and Playing Rules, published by Babe Ruth Baseball, Inc. constitute the rules and regulations for the conduct of the Bethlehem Babe Ruth baseball program. Where there is a conflict between this POLICY GUIDE

and the BABE RUTH rules, the provisions of this more restrictive Policy Guide shall take preference.


This Policy Guide may be amended between August 1 and April 1 by a majority

vote of the Board of Directors present and voting at a duly called Director's meeting, provided that the

amendment to the Policy Guide had been proposed during the previous month’s Board Meeting.


Between April 1 and August 1 this Policy Guide may be amended by a three fourths (3/4) or better vote

of the Board of Directors present and voting at a duly called Director's meeting. 


Changes to this POLICY GUIDE made between April 1 and August 1 shall be immediately communicated to all Managers and Board Members.


II. Composition of Leagues And Teams

A. League Representatives

The President will appoint two board members to oversee the operations of the 13’s and 14/15 age divisions. Preferably, the board member will not have a child or children participating as a player or players in the league they are overseeing.

B. Divisions and Leagues

1. 13’s League

Shall consist only of players who are league age 13 for the season. 

2. 14/15 League

Shall consist of all players league age 14 or 15.  A league age 13 Player may petition the Board in writing for approval to play prior February 1st. 

C. Number Of Players Per Team

The number of players constituting a complete team shall be set based on number of registrants so that each team will have 11 to no more than 15 participants

D. Special Assignments

The President for special cause, may assign players directly to teams without regard to the limitations and requirements specified under these rules. Such assignments may also require the elimination of one or more draft picks. Special players may also be paired for purpose of the draft. 

E. Managers and Coaches

Managers of each team shall be chosen by the League representative and the President.

One coach may be selected by the team manager prior to the draft. 

F. League Championship

A League championship will be determined in accordance with the rules described below.

Teams will play a regular season schedule, with games scheduled against all other teams from their division. Results of the regular schedule will determine seeding’s for a playoff that will include all teams.


During the playoffs all regular season Babe Ruth rules will apply.


Seeding for the playoffs will be determined by the following series of tiebreakers (in the event of more than two teams being tied, once a team is eliminated, the remaining teams tiebreaker will revert to the top of the list)

- Overall winning percentage (wins/(wins+losses))

- Head to head winning percentage

- Winning percentage within the division

- Head to head runs allowed per inning of defense

- Coin toss


III. Draft 

A. General

Players shall be assigned to teams based on a preseason draft. Except for special assignments (See II D), all eligible draftees will be assigned to a common pool and be eligible for a draft from any team in accordance with the other provisions of this section and of the Draft Rules

B. Late Registrants

Players who register after the draft will be assigned by the League Representative and President to a team.

C. Draft Rules

In the event that any changes are necessary due to unforeseen circumstances during the draft, final

decisions will be made by the President

1. Order of the Draft

Order of the draft will be determined by the League Representative and the President.

2. Pairs

Prior to the draft, the League Representative and President must specify which children are designated pairs. A Designated Pair is a set of two or more children of familial relationship whose parents have requested that the children be drafted onto the same team. When a manager selects one of the pair, he automatically is credited with the second child in the next open round. 

3. Special Assignments

The President for special cause, may assign players directly to teams without regard to the limitations and requirements specified under these rules. Such assignments may also require the elimination of one or more draft picks. Special players may also be paired for purpose of the draft. 


IV. League Regulations

A. Forfeits If a team is unable to field nine players (regular plus substitute players—see paragraph VI-C) within fifteen minutes after the scheduled game time, the game may be deemed a forfeit by the umpire. However, the League Representative and the President may decide that forfeiture is not the appropriate final resolution under the circumstances concerning the case, and the game shall be rescheduled by the League Representative and President 

B. Time Limit

Game lengths will be limited by prohibiting the start of a new inning after  two hours from the scheduled (not actual) starting time except when there is no game following on the field and darkness is not imminent, unless otherwise authorized by the umpire. Final decision on stoppage of play and whether to start a new inning will be determined by the umpire. The final score shall be recorded as the score at the end of the last complete inning.

C. Tie Games

Regulation games which end in a tie either due to the above time limit rule or after being called because of weather or darkness, shall not be replayed.

D. Incomplete Games and Rain Outs

Games shall be played for the 7 innings (6 ½ innings if the home team is winning). Complete games will be 4 innings (3 1/2 if the home team is winning) 


A game that has been suspended and is not complete will be resumed, if possible, restarting at the point at which it was suspended. Time and location of the continuation game will be determined by the President. The President may also call the game “no contest”, which will not count in the standings, or declare a winner if the game was lopsided.


Games where one full inning is not completed will never be suspended, or have a winner declared.  These games will be restarted from the beginning, if they are able to be rescheduled.


E. Ending Games

The umpire shall have sole discretion in determining when a game shall be called because of weather or darkness, or in determining when a time limit has been reached. The umpire in chief may only suspend play because of weather, darkness situations deemed potentially harmful to the players or the inability of a team to field nine players.


Games will have a 5 run maximum per inning run limit.  However a team that is trailing by more than 5 runs may score enough to get even. In the last inning there will be no limit on runs scored.


F. Line Ups Each manager shall present a copy of their team’s batting line up, including player numbers (if any) and defensive positions, to the opposing manager or scorekeeper before the start of each game.

G. Scorekeeping

At the end of each half inning, each manager shall confirm the correct score with the opposing manager. Scorekeeping disagreements should be resolved immediately.


V. Sportsmanship And Field Decorum

A. Ridicule

Managers, coaches, players and spectators shall refrain from any conduct which ridicules an umpire,

league official, player or team or the game itself. Managers, coaches, players and spectators are

prohibited from calling balls, strikes or outs prior to the umpire making the call. Negative rooting is not

allowed. Violation of this paragraph shall be grounds for immediate suspension or expulsion of the


B. Player Conduct

Players shall not throw bats, helmets, other equipment or other objects at anytime for any reason. It shall be the responsibility of the manager to inform all team members of this rule before the season begins. 


Any player, manager or coach ejected from a game shall also be suspended for the next game. If same player, manager or coach is ejected a second time, the Board will determine the next course of action. 


All ejections will be reviewed by the President to determine if the player, manager or coach will be allowed to continue participation in the league.


VI. Local Playing Rules (Changes from Babe Ruth Rules)

A. Participation

Managers may substitute between innings and half-innings. Substitutions other than pitching changes are not allowed mid-inning (except for injury, absence or disciplinary action).  No player shall be on the bench for consecutive innings in a game except in the case of injury, absence or disciplinary action.

B. Batting Order

Each team’s batting order shall include all team members present at the start of the game. Injured players may bat in their proper spot in the order at any time during the game that they are able to resume full play and they would normally be up to hit. Players who arrive late will be assigned to the bottom of the batting orders exchanged prior to the game.

C. Substitute Players

A team may contact either the League Representative or the President to approve substitute players.  Substitutes may be travel team players, but should only be used to replace missing travel players and may not play their primary travel positions. Substitute players must play in team uniform for the team they are subbing for.  Substitutes may not pitch. 13 year old players can be used as substitutes in either league

D. Pitching

A Player may only pitch seven innings per week in Bethlehem Babe Ruth games.  Weeks start on Saturday and end on Friday. 13’s can pitch in a maximum of 3 innings per game; 14/15’s can pitch in a maximum of 4 innings per game.  One pitch during an inning counts as an inning pitched.