Fall programs underway

UpdatedWednesday September 30, 2020 byPaul Evangslista.

The Bethlehem Babe Ruth Fall Program is in full swing (pun intended).  Coach Dennis Healy (Wake Forest University, PBR) taught all of our your players about pitching mechanics from balance on the mound to a good sinkerball grip.  Everyone enjoyed the sessions and learned something new about pitching.   Coach Garcia brought his collegiate coaching experience to our players working on defense last Sunday.  Coming up will be OFFENSE.  Expect a lot of swings this Sunday. 

We held our second "sand lot" game at our Line Drive complex last Saturday.  We had four teams competing on two fields with Coach Vincent and Coach Evangelista offering on field game situation instruction to all players. Game three in the Sandlot series will be this Saturday at 10 am.  Please arrive by 9:45 so teams can be split up and we can start play around 10:00 am.