Bethlehem Travel Baseball

UpdatedFriday January 29, 2021 byPaul Evangslista.

Bethlehem Travel Baseball

We are pleased to announce the establishment of Bethlehem Travel Baseball.  We will provide a cohesive travel baseball experience for Bethlehem youth from ages 7-18 years old. In the past, prior to joining Babe Ruth at age 13, travel baseball in Bethlehem was a disjointed effort of individual teams.  Starting in fall of 2021 these teams will come together under the Bethlehem Travel Baseball umbrella.  This does not affect Tri-Village Little League.  Players of Little League age will still be required to play TVLL to also participate in the Travel program.

For kids aged 7-10 the focus will be on player development through practice and clinics. The teams will also play a competitive schedule in local travel leagues.

Ages 11-12 will continue to focus on player development while elevating the level of competition with other local programs. The kids will be evaluated by a committee of older coaches and players and teams will be formed based on skill level.  

At age 13 the kids will transition to the Babe Ruth program where they will come under the tutelage of paid coaches including staff from the High School program.

For the Spring 2021 season teams that have already formed will continue as constituted while working in a more coordinated manner. In the Summer of 2021 we’ll hold evaluations for each age group as dictated by their Cal Ripken baseball age for the Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 season.  The kids will play at their associated level which will lead to a reforming of some of the younger teams.  

We’ll continue to prepare this Spring and Summer for the transition in the Fall. At this point if you’d like to be added to our potential player database please fill out the attached google form. 

We're hoping at this point to start compiling a database of families that will be interested in playing.  We've created a google form for you to complete simply asking for names, ages, and email addresses.  You can also indicate interest in managing a team.

Highlight and right click the link below, click "Open link" to show yourr interest today!